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The History of Carmel Valley’s Robles del Rio Subdivision

Carmel Valley Historical Society


Back in 1927 developer Frank Porter and two partners purchased 678-acres of Rancho Los Laureles, naming it Robles del Rio (“oaks by the river” in Spanish) Carmelo Subdivision. In 1932 Porter bought out his partners and built Robles del Rio Lodge that included 35 guest rooms, a fine dining restaurant, pool, spa, tennis courts, theta , and horse stables. He also formed the Robles del Rio Carmelo Water Company to provide water to Robles residents. Porter sold the 10-acre lodge in 1939.

Many people who’ve heard of the exhibit are beginning to share their personal stories about the Lodge much to our delight. One of our members was on a remote island off the coast of Japan and ran into a couple who once they learned that Andy lived in Robles said, “Oh, we loved the Lodge and returned often!” 5,000 miles away and the three of them had connection! Still others recount their early years working in the Lodge restaurant or for wedding and anniversary parties. One person remembered making 50 cents/hour as a waiter.

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